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Eating Disorder Recovery

Do you feel out of control with food?  Are you afraid of certain foods?  Do you exercise to make up for what you've eaten?   Eating Disorders encompass a range of symptoms and can affect people of all shapes and sizes.  We will assess the severity of the food issues you are experiencing and get you the proper care.  Eating disorders can get serious quickly, so don't hesitate to reach out for help. 

Body Image Work

Do you hate the way you look?  Do hide your body?  Often body image concerns accompany eating disorder behaviors, although sometimes they are separate.  Either way, we've got you covered.  We have a wealth of body image techniques to help you improve your body image.  You can begin to treat your body with respect and compassion and accept its imperfections.

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Are you constantly worrying about things?  Are you a perfectionist?  Do you get easily annoyed?  If so, you may be struggling with anxiety.  We treat many forms of anxiety, including excessive worry, obsessions, intrusive thoughts, and fears.  Sometimes anxiety is tied to a life event, and sometimes it's more of a constant presence in your life.  We'll help you address the underlying issues so you can find peace and joy.