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You are more than what you see in the mirror.

Therapy to help you be a whole person again.

About Us

Reflect Wholeness Therapy is a place for women to find wholeness and healing.  We believe in treating the whole person and helping you see yourself as more than a collection of body parts.  We are a non-diet, weight neutral company where all people are respected in the body they have today.  We specialize in eating disorder treatment and Family-Based Therapy (FBT), body image issues, anxiety/depression, and relationship issues.

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Physical health is more than your weight. At Reflect Wholeness Therapy we coordinate with medical professionals and dietitians to restore your physical body to a better place by improving your relationship with food and exercise.  We use a non-diet, weight neutral approach.


You are a whole person, not a two dimensional image on a screen.  Nor do your struggles define you.  We will work together to help you balance the many aspects of yourself that make you unique.  When you focus on your whole self, you will be more capable of happiness and sharing your gifts with others.


Struggles with mental health often lead to conflict or loss of relationships. Your therapist will help you feel more connected to your loved ones by providing family therapy or couples therapy as needed.  We believe that a good support system and healthy boundaries are an important piece of recovery.

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"Reflect Wholeness Therapy has been nothing short of a miracle for me. The support, validation, guidance, and counseling I received from Amy was not only helpful but life changing. She offers resources, suggestions, and support through the entire time with her. Simply put, my life is better because of Amy."

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Our Therapists

"Amy Harman is an exceptional therapist, and I would highly recommend her. She is highly regarded and a leader in her field. She is extremely knowledgeable and cares deeply about her clients."

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