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8-Week Body Image Group

Starting March 21, 2023

Join this 8-week body image group to learn strategies to improve the way you think and feel about your body in a supportive environment. Groups will be held in-person on Tuesday evenings starting March 21. They will be led by Amy Harman, LMFT, CEDS-S and Allison Ober, LPC and cost $100 per group. Both teens and adults are welcome.

Group Schedule

Step 1 Define What Positive Body Image Looks Like for You

March 21: Body Image Spectrum and Body Talk Meditation

Step 2 Understand Where Negative Body Image Comes From

March 28: Family Influences and Body Scan

April 11: Cultural Expectations of Beauty

Step 3 Correct Negative Messages

April 18: Decrease Beauty Aids and Increase Body Respect

April 25: Body Appreciation and Affirmations

May 2: Fat Phobia Awareness

Step 4 Create an Identity of Wholeness

May 9: Wholeness and Balance

May 16: Focus on What Matters and Leave a Legacy of Positive Body Image


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