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Our Therapists

Reflect Wholeness Therapy is a small outpatient therapy group providing quality care for clients struggling with disordered eating and body image issues.  Therapists are competent at treating the many issues that accompany disordered eating and working with clients' loved ones.  We excel at coordinating with other treatment team professionals because we believe that this is essential to finding wholeness.

Who we are:

  • Experienced therapists who have seen others get better and hold hope that you can, too.

  • Eating Disorder specialists, body image experts, and skilled healers of anxiety and other women's issues.

  • Coordinators with other professionals involved in your care, including dietitians, medical providers, and psychiatrists.

Who we are NOT:

  • Weight loss providers.  Instead we work from a non-diet, weight-neutral perspective where all people are capable of happiness in the body they have today.

  • Advisors or coaches.  We help you resolve mental health issues and strive to help you arrive at your own solutions so that you can take that healing with you long after we're gone. 


Amy Harman, LMFT, CEDS-S

Founder & Therapist

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with over 15 years of experience. I am also a Certified Eating Disorder Specialist and Supervisor, having worked in the eating disorder field since 2006.  I worked at an eating disorder treatment facility doing inpatient, residential, day patient, and intensive outpatient levels of care.  I frequently speak in the community on the topic of body image, and have provided numerous trainings to professionals on eating disorders and body image.  When it comes to working with my own clients, I utilize a non-judgmental and compassionate approach to healing because I know everyone struggles.  I hope you  feel my genuine love and caring for you as we work together.

When I began my private practice, I wanted to think of a company name that would demonstrate my passion for helping women with body image.  Many of my clients dreaded looking in the mirror, and I wanted them to see their inherent worth as a whole person.  When I thought of the name "Reflect Wholeness Therapy" I knew it was the right fit!  To this day it describes the transformation through which I guide my clients.  I'm excited to be adding therapists to my practice who share this same vision.

I treat individuals, couples, and families to establish a system that supports a journey to wholeness.  I specialize in the treatment of women with eating disorders, including families and parents of those struggling with and eating disorder. I offer Family-Based Treatment (FBT) for adolescents who require weight restoration, and treat ARFID and extreme picky eating. I also treat body image concerns, addictions, anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, confidence problems, and stage-of-life issues, including teenage years, transition to independence, and parenting.  

I am a board certified supervisor for LMFT residents in Virginia and an iaedp supervisor for clinicians worked toward their Eating Disorder Specialist certification.


Allison Ober, LPC


Sometimes we get so caught up in the daily routine of working and caring for our families that we lose ourselves in the process. If it’s time for you to make some changes, I’d be honored to help you figure out how to get started. I particularly love working with women in various stages of life who are experiencing challenges concerning body image, college and/or career, marriage and relationships, infertility, and parenting concerns. I also have experience treating eating disorders and offer Family-Based Therapy (FBT). As a former special education teacher, I have a unique understanding of and appreciation for parents who have children with mental health or developmental challenges.


I provide a safe, laid-back, non-judgmental space infused with empathy, respect, and humor. My style is an integrative therapeutic approach with an emphasis on person-centered, trauma-informed, and cognitive behavioral theories.


Connection and trust between the client and therapist are crucial in order for counseling to be successful. Please reach out if you think I might be a good fit for you. We’ll work together to build on your strengths, define your goals, and implement a plan. Let’s figure out what you need in order to create a peaceful, beautiful future.

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