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Perfectly Imperfect: Compassionate Strategies to Cultivate a Positive Body Image

In an age filled with polished images of models and celebrities, feeling happy and at home in your own body can be difficult. Perfectly Imperfect is your compassionate guide to developing a positive body image. It features practical, evidence-based strategies to help you transform any negative self-perceptions and heal your relationship with your body.


“Perfectly Imperfect is a must read for all women coming of age in a world with social media, societal, and familial pressures. Amy Harman’s book provides concrete skills and help for those suffering with poor body image or obsession with perfection. There are some real gems in here, including positive body statements that really resonated with me. ‘My body is much more useful as an instrument than it is as an ornament.’ As a eating disorder treatment specialist with 30 years of experience, a mother of teens, and a joyous menopausal woman, I would recommend this book for everyone.”


―Trisha Souders Rubin, LCSW and founding president of The National Binge Eating Disorder Association

“I’ve read too many self-help books and found too few that were really helpful. Amy Harman’s Perfectly Imperfect, on body and self-image, is different. It is exceptional! It is clear, to the point, and sincere. It is easy to understand, and its life-changing principles/suggestions are easy to apply. This important book not only helps to cultivate positive body image, it also helps in the nurturing of self-care and the development of a positive sense of self. It’s never too late to improve your sense of worth. That journey can begin within these pages.” 


―Michael E. Berrett, PhD, CEDS, psychologist

Explore affirmations and exercises for letting go of harmful thoughts about body image, ways to improve your social environment, and tips for embracing yourself as you are. When you believe that you are worthy, regardless of what your body looks like, your self-esteem will increase.

Perfectly Imperfect features:

  • Beyond the physical―Learn to identify and appreciate the qualities and gifts that you offer the world.

  • Self-care creates body image―Practice prioritizing holistic care of your body and mind.

  • For every body―Find guidance to reveal the beauty in your body, just as it is.


Dive into the factors surrounding body image and find compassionate strategies to cultivate a more positive view of yourself.

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