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Therapy Sessions


We offer individual and family therapy sessions.  Each session is 50 minutes, and the initial intake session is 75 minutes.  We offer video therapy sessions for clients in Virginia. A superbill will be provided if you want to submit to your insurance for reimbursement.  Please check with your insurance about coverage, as we do not provide any billing services.  Contact us to schedule your appointment.



If your therapy or medical practice could benefit from some education or consultation on eating disorder treatment, weight neutral care, or Health At Every Size, I can provide those services.  From case consultation to treatment interventions to coordinating treatment with medical providers, I can tailor my expertise for your particular needs.  Consultations are billed at my hourly rate. Contact me for more information on consultation services.



I am an experienced presenter on the topics of body image and eating disorders.  I have presented at state and national conferences for mental health professionals on these topics.  I have also presented for community and church events, including guest presenting at college-level classes.  For more details about my presentations, read this.  To see where I'll be presenting next, check out the Events page. If you would like me to present at your event, please contact me.