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I've a had a few people ask me more about the presentations I do, so I thought I take a minute and talk more about that. Giving presentations is one of my FAVORITE things to do! I love the energy of the groups, the questions, and the discussions. It seems that people are able to understand the importance of body image and eating disorder issues when we're able to have a frank face-to-face discussion.

I've presented to several different audiences, including women only, women and men, LDS Relief Society groups, LDS Young Women's groups, high school boys and girls, college men and women, and cosmetology students. I've also presented professionally at the national conference for the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists and a number of times at the Utah Association of Marriage and Family Therapy conference. Recently I've been toying around with the idea of presenting to elementary schools (now that I have a child in elementary school) on the importance of honoring your body and being aware of extreme or disordered eating and exercising behaviors. We'll see....

Body Image Presentation PowerPoint

I enjoy presenting on Eating Disorder awareness, treatment techniques, and practices, but my favorite topic to present on is Body Image. (Above is a picture of one of the body image presentations I've done). So what is "body image"? Body image describes how a person views their body. You can have a positive body image--viewing your body favorably--or a negative body image--disliking your body, critical of what you see in the mirror, desire to change how your body looks. My goal for those I talk to about body image is not to make them love their bodies (although that's nice, too!). My goal is for people to accept their body where it is, and live their life happily with their current body.

I love the topic of body image because I have seen how women's views of their bodies hold them back from enjoying life, doing positive things, and allowing them to fully connect with other people (friends, spouses, etc.). When women and teens understand how to let go of perfecting their bodies and focus on living their life by doing the things they've always wanted to do, they can find true joy. They also find more meaningful and fulfilling relationships. You don't have to look perfect in order to go out with friends, have a romantic relationship, or serve your neighbors. You can do all of these things without looking like a beauty queen or super model or gym professional. You can be a good person and have fat, stretch marks, and/or zits on your body. You guys, don't get me started! I could go on about this forever. Which is why I give presentations! Ha! Back to my presentations....

So my presentations are basically helping people understand how to be comfortable in their own bodies, and find ways to engage in life no matter what kind of body they've been given. I use PowerPoint to show pictures and videos demonstrating the many ways our society sells the lie that you are not good enough in your current body. I point out the subtle ways companies sell products based on insecurities. I cover photo-shopping, age discrimination, diet ads, etc. I also provide coping skills to help people deal with the insecurities that we all feel from time to time. For religious groups, I provide a spiritual tie-in People leave my presentations with increased media literacy, a better understanding of corrupt messages they have internalized, and inspiration to do good things "despite" their body.

So if you're interested in having me present to a group or conference or class, go ahead and contact me. I would love to make arrangements to speak at your function!

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